World Heart Day 2020 Messages, Sms, GIF, Quotes & Sayings

Here we will provide to all peoples to know about the World Heart Day 2020 Messages, Sms, GIF, Quotes & Sayings. So today we will share with you to know about the World Heart Day 2020 full concept in this content. It is most important all country peoples to know how to celebrate Happy Heart Day. Every year this day is celebrated on the 29 September. It is one of the Biggest Celebration Day in the all World and all special peoples celebrate this day with his/her lover. A large number of peoples are successfully Celebrate Heart Day 2020. The World Heart Day is an unofficial holiday and Celebrate 29 September.

World Heart Day

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World Heart Day 2020 Messages

The best way to keep your heart in a healthy state is by eating right, sleeping right and not taking stress…. Sending my best wishes on Heart Day to you.

When making personal decisions, listen to what your head says then listen to what your heart says. If they differ, follow your heart whenever you listen to your heart, you listen to that part of you that is most interested in your well-being. -Happy Heart Day 2020

Let us celebrate World Heart Day by going for heart checkups and promising ourselves to eat healthy and live happy…… Best wishes on Heart Day to you.

On occasion of World Heart Day, Lets take an Oath to take healthy diets, do regular exercise and say no to tobacco. For a stronger Heart & Healthy life… Happy Heart Day 2020

If someone breaks your heart, forgive them. For they have helped you learn an important lesson on who you open your heart to. -Happy Heart Day 2020!

Your heart creates enough energy to drive a truck 32 km every day. That is equivalent to driving to the moon and back in one lifetime! -Happy Heart Day 2020!

World Heart Day 2020 Greetings Messages

Neglecting your heart is like neglecting your life…. If you want to life happily and healthy then take care of your heart…. Happy Heart Day!!!

On the occasion of World Heart Day, let us take an oath that we will be more responsible towards taking care of our heart.

As we celebrate Heart Day, remember not to break hearts but to win more and more hearts.

Each one of us have just one heart, so make sure that we take the best care of it….. Best wishes on Heart Day!!!

Eating right and keeping the heart light can help you live longer and happier….. Warm wishes on Heart Day!!!

Make this Heart Day more special by motivating more and more people to take care of their hearts.

If you are responsible towards your heart then you are responsible towards your family…. Happy Heart Day.

Every heart is special, every heart needs care and love….. Best wishes on Heart Day to you.

World Heart Day 2020 Theme & Slogan

World Heart Day every year’s theme collection below- Heart Day 2020 theme is- Be a Heart Hero

Years Heart Day Themes
2006 “How Young is Your Heart?”
2007 “Team Up for Healthy Hearts”.
2008 “Know your Risk”.
2009 “I Work with Heart”.
2010 “I Work with Heart”.
2011 “One World, One Heart, and One Home”.
2012 “One World, One Heart, and One Home”.
2013 “Take the road to a healthy heart”.
2014 “Heart Choices NOT Hard Choices”.
2015 “Creating Heart-Healthy Environments”.
2016 “Light Your Heart, Empower Your Life”.
2017 “Share the Power”
2018 ”My Heart, Your Heart”
2019 ”My Heart, Your Heart”
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